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Girl Meets Brooklyn - NYC style2015 was a life altering year…it was unpredictable, rewarding and full of love! What started off on a bad note having had a major knee injury, which lead me to get surgery, quickly turned into the best year, after traveling to Greece and getting engaged to my best friend!  What I’ve learned is that even though unpredictable things happen whether good or bad, your attitude will define the outcome of the situation.   Girl Meets Brooklyn - 2016This year I’ve got a new pep in my step…it may be because I have a new badass scar on my knee that reminds me of my small victories post surgery, or it may also be because I have all year to plan our wedding, and upcoming trips. Either way,  here’s to keeping positive and taking chances in the new year, come obstacles and all! Girl Meets Brooklyn - Winter CoatGirl Meets Brooklyn - New YearGirl Meets Brooklyn - 2016 BKGirl Meets Brooklyn - Winter Style

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