Turks & Caicos iPhone Diary

Girl Meets Brooklyn - Sandals ResortIt’s already been over a week since I got back from Turks and Caicos and as I watch the snow come and go in New York, I can’t help but day dream of the water, the prettiest shades of blue, and the sand, that feels as soft as flour. I’ve been to a lot of beaches and I’ve never felt sand so soft! It was such an incredible trip, although short and on business, I made the best of it and captured some of my favorite moments on my iphone.

We stayed at the Beaches all-inclusive resort – key word being all inclusive. You can eat, drink, swim, play, and drink all day! It was pure bliss.

Girl Meets Brooklyn - Bay Bistro

We flew in on Will’s birthday and I wanted to do something really special since, well, on my birthday he took me to Greece. So I pre-planned a romantic, private dinner on the beach at Bay Bistro, surrounded by tiki torches during sunset. Pretty ‘Bachelor-esque’ if you ask me, and I know super cheesey but I couldn’t help myself (only thing missing was the rose). ;)

Turks and Caicos Bay Bistro

The food was absolutely delicious – we tried conch dumpling for the first time and we really enjoyed it! The owner came out to greet us and was so welcoming and sweet. Everyone at the restaurant, and really on the whole island were genuinely nice. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting the island.

After dinner they surprised both of us with sparklers, complimentary dessert and champagne. Great way to start and end the first day!

Girl Meets Brooklyn - Grace Bay

Another must in Turks and Caicos is to explore Grace Bay. I had no idea Grace Bay beach runs for many many miles (still don’t know the exact length) but we walked a couple of miles off the resort to do some exploring. Some spots were less inhabited which made us feel like we had the entire beach to ourselves. It was pretty amazing!

After all the walking and swimming we had lunch at Hemingway’s Restaurant. Perfectly situated right on the beach for any explorer or beach bum to stumble upon.

Hemingways Restaurant Conch SaladWe tried raw conch, which tastes like ceviche (SO GOOD!) and fried conch which tastes like calamari just less chewy, also very good. Seriously if you’re in Turks and Caicos, you can’t miss out on their conch! P.S you don’t pronounce the h in conch. Turks and Caicos Hemingways RestaurantThe fish tacos at Hemingways were the best fish tacos I think I’ve ever had. They were so fresh, and perfectly seasoned.Provo Ponies Turks and CaicosAnother surprise for Will was going horse back riding to the beach…into the water. It was pretty EPIC! The horses loved it and I’m glad none of them decided to go swimming, although Will’s horse decided to take a few dumps in the water – to which I learned don’t sink very quickly, or as quickly as I’d hoped. So after screaming at my horse to avoid the sh*t, we all continued on our way through the water to enjoy the beautiful view.Girl Meets Brooklyn - Horseback RidingWe couldn’t leave the island without making it to Da Conch Shack. We took over the entire restaurant, enjoyed some conch, fish, lobster, and delicious drinks, and danced the night away. Conch ShackShell PhoneYou used to call me on my shell phone… ;)Turks and Caicos GansevoortThe Gansevoort was about a 15-20 minute walk from the resort so we decided to have lunch there and lounged out. Another great go-to on the island!

Girl Meets Brooklyn - InstaxTurks and Caicos Chalk SoundLast but not least…I recommend going to Chalk Sound beach, probably on my top 5 favorite beaches, it as close to paradise as you can get. No waves, blue as far as the eyes can see, relaxing and overall breath taking. Only about a 15 minute car ride away from the airport. I would suggest renting a car to get there because the price of cabs on the island will end up costing you more than what you paid for your flight (I’m over exaggerating a bit, but seriously going 2 miles cost us upwards of $40 – pretty ridiculous). Just make sure to get a car that has the wheel on the left side – over there they drive on both sides, not sure how they do it, but they do.

Anyway, this beach is a must see and I wish we had had more time to enjoy it. Girl Meets Brooklyn - Ray Ban Sunnies

These photos don’t do it justice but they help me relive the moment. Girl Meets Brooklyn - Chalk Sound BeachGirl Meets Brooklyn Beach BabesGirl Meets Brooklyn - Flagpole SwimwearUntil next time Turks! Girl Meets Brooklyn - Chalk Sound

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