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I always get the question, “how do you stay so thin”…my response, “I have a fast metabolism” – which could be due to how much I snack everyday, but I can also thank genetics and my new favorite tea…tinytea!


Now although I have a quick metabolism, I have always had stomach issues including food sensitivities, mainly acidic foods and bananas! I’ve tried pro-biotics and other over the counter drugs, but it all got too expensive and I wasn’t too keen on taking a pill everyday (I would also forget to!) Randomly, while exploring instagram I discovered YourTea! I immediately went to their website and discovered which tea suited me…it was tinytea!

Tiny TeatoxtrainingYour Tea Teatox


Tiny tea is perfect for those with IBS, poor digestion, bloating or those seeking to lose weight…


I have bought the 14 day tiny tea teatox several times and here’s why I love it…


–    It helps get me energized on the days I just want to stay in bed (drink it before a workout)


–    It gets rid of the water weight around my stomach (hello abs!)


–    It DOESN’T have a laxative effect


–    It puts my digestive system back on track


–    Clears skin


–   Tastes good with a little honey or lemon

drinking your tea

The teatox may work even if you don’t change your diet, however I found the best results when I was training for the half marathon, and just keeping to a regular workout routine.  So when ‘teatoxing’ make sure to stick to a healthy diet and keep active!

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