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If you asked me three years ago if I would be interested in moving outside of Manhattan, my answer would have been, “NO”. To me the Bronx is home and the city is my playground.  I never knew much about any of the other boroughs; only that Brooklyn was the home of many of our favorite famous rappers. Queens housed two of the only airports that I used to travel outside of NY. And then oh yea let’s not forget about Staten Island. I went there once with my mom – like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon – we touched down and then got right back on the ferry (sorry Staten Island).

Never did I imagine I would move to Brooklyn. But never say never. I met a boy back in April 2011 who introduced me to Williamsburg. He had just moved to Brooklyn and I was living on the Upper East Side – according to all New Yorkers this was considered a long distance relationship. But, grateful for the 4 express line, we made it work. While falling for him, I was also quickly falling in love with BK – the people, art, restaurants, bars, and events. There was something always going on.  So, it was almost inevitable that I would decide to make the move. We moved to a one-bedroom apartment and it has been such an exciting experience making our new place feel like a home. I look forward to exploring more of what BK has to offer.

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    Reply JEN October 30, 2013 at 3:26 pm

    LOVE iT!!! :) so excited for you!

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