Thailand Diaries: Ko Samui

Ko Samui YogaSteps to Big BuddhaBig Buddha - Ko SamuiThailand Diaries - ringing the bellChoeng Mon BeachThailand Diaries - Red Snapper vs SeabassSamui - Elephant TrekkingElephant Trekking in SamuiFeeding the elephantsThailand Diaries - Meet VictoriaHanging with my favorite elephantThailand Diaries - SamuiThailand Diaries - Samui WaterfallThailand Diaries - hanging aroundMummified MonkGrandfather rockSamui - Lamai BeachLamai Beach - SamuiMotorbiking through SamuiSunset over SamuiSamui is definitely my favorite island that we visited in Thailand. I found that the natives were the friendliest and most accommodating. It’s also the one place I wish we spent more time; at least another night. But because we were there for such a limited time we made sure to take advantage of everything Samui had to offer.

Hotel: Lawana Resort – located in Bo Phut Samui; cute resort with mainly families, and a pool overlooking the beach

Days Spent: 1 night 2 days

We flew with Bangkok Airways – just a heads up we booked all of our hotels and flights before we came to Thailand, but after meeting many other travelers you don’t necessarily have to book either before traveling. I loved flying with Bangkok Airways because they provided free snacks, coffee, water, etc before even getting on the flight and the food provided during the flight was A LOT better than Air China. And traveling from Bangkok to Samui only took about an hour.

We didn’t really spend much time at our hotel except for sleeping, having breakfast on the beach, and practicing some necessary yoga in the mornings. Bo Phut beach didn’t stand out to us but luckily thanks to our sweet waitress at lunch, she recommended that we rent a motorbike and head to Choeng Mon and Lamai beach.




Before heading to the beach we stopped at Big Buddha; and they don’t call it Big Buddha for nothing…
















This Buddha is HUGE! You really can’t miss it; driving along the water you’ll see it shining miles away









When you get to the top, there are bells surrounding the Buddha. Each one makes different sounds depending on its size or shape. We had a lot of fun ringing them all!








The sand on Choeng Mon beach was fine and so smooth compared to Bo Phut. Also, the waters were calm and the beach itself felt private. We spent the rest of our first day here.












We had the red snapper for dinner and the fried seabass for lunch, and the fried seabass was the most delicious, flavorful and most filling. It was my favorite dish throughout my trip!










I LOVED elephant trekking! The guide was so sweet, not only did he allow both Will and I to sit on the elephant, but he also took some amazing photos only after he made me a flower crown.


























Who knew Monkeys aren’t the only ones who like bananas!












Meet Victoria, a 45 year old elephant. Isn’t she a beauty?










I think we had a moment…i fell in love with an elephant





























Our next stop after elephant trekking was the Waterfall – not sure if it’s always this dry but the falls weren’t as big as I expected. Especially comparing it to the one from Costa Rica.















We didn’t see any monkeys so Will improvised…












Okay, so we weren’t sure what we were going to expect when we heard ‘mummified monk’ but this was just straight up creepy. Looks like something out of the Mummy.












This is the Hin Ta rock, otherwise known as the Grandfather rock, otherwise known as the penis rock. Yes, you heard me correctly. There is also the Hin Yai Rock (vagina rock) not pictured. The history of these rocks are as odd as the rocks themselves, but if you want to learn more read on here.






WE MADE IT TO LAMAI BEACH!! The best beach on Samui!










We’ll jump off of anything we find in the waters. Also, sadly, my dive wasn’t as graceful as it looks











After spending most of our day at Lamai beach we had to head back to catch the ferry to Ko Phangan!











While riding the ferry to Ko Phangan, we caught the sunset over Samui. I miss Samui the most, even now!

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