Thailand Diaries: Ko Phi Phi & Ko Lanta

Ferry to Ko Phi PhiBophut BungalowBungalow lifeThailand LoveBophut BeachKo Phi Phi Hammock LifeThailand Diaries - Island of Phi PhiKO PHi Phi Viewpoint 1Ko Phi Phi beachThe swim to the beachMaya Bay - The beachKo Phi Phi LongtailsRiding a longtailSunrise SwimHammock LifeFair TradeKo Lanta, ThailandRiding around Ko LantaKo LantaThailand Diaries Ko LantaWhy Not BarSplashing aroundOn to my final Thailand Diaries series…looking back on all of these photos reminds me of the fun adventures we went on, and the importance of truly living in the moment.

Hotel: Tohko Beach Resort – we stayed in a bungalow constructed from bamboo sticks right over the water. The view was perfect, with our own balcony overlooking the water, equipped with a hammock.

Days Spent: 2 nights 2 days

In order to get to Ko Phi Phi we took a 2-hour ferry from Railay Bay…throughout the trip we spotted different islands in every direction, along with some flying fish





Our beautiful private bungalow…





All I need is a hammock and the beach

















The only person I’d take adventures like these with











Such a stud












Living the hammock life








The first day we hiked from the back of our hotel, through the jungle to the top of the island




We made it!









We came back down the other side to the sunset side of the island








Perfect way to end that day!









The next day we took a trip to Maya Bay in a longtail. Now in order to get to Maya Bay we had to swim from our longtail into the rough waters, and climb up this net. It was a true testament of my swimming skills and thankfully we made it up unscathed.  However it was super dangerous, and I highly suggest using a life vest if you’re not a good swimmer.







While I was swimming towards the net, for a second I felt like I was in the movie “The Beach”, swimming for dear life to get a glimpse of this hidden paradise. But, once we got to the top it wans’t so hidden. Little did we know that there were motorboats coming in and out of the actual beach. It was a bit of a disappointment, but once they left the view was incredible…




the beach!













Our ride


















Early, the next morning we had the beach all to ourselves…Will went out for a swim while I relaxed on the hammock

















True story – I traded my J.Crew hat for a free trip to Ko Lanta, hotel included!

The best part about traveling throughout Thailand is that you never know what the next day will look like, and it’s more fun when it isn’t planned.  We met the cutest Thai woman who owned a tourist shop in Ko Phi Phi. She wore a sweet cowboy hat and wanted to trade her hat with mine., insisting that she would love to have a hat from the U.S. I quickly refused knowing that my hat was worth more than the one she owned. But her rebuttal was…for my hat she offered to book a hotel and ferry for us to go to Ko Lanta. Now Will and I had already met a couple of Scottish guys who raved about how chill Ko Lanta is, so we kept thinking about it, but not really positive we wanted to go. But when she offered the free trip, after much deliberation I finally handed over the hat. It was a bitter sweet moment because I loved the hat so much, but knew that handing it over to another hat ‘lover’, it would be in good hands.


So we left to Ko Lanta that same morning!




We rented a motorbike and rode into Old Town. There really wasn’t much of anything going on so we shopped a bit and rode out to the beach to catch the sunset!













Not sure if it was because it was considered off season but we literally had the entire beach to ourselves. Also resorts were closed, or abandoned, who knows…it was a bit eerie. We made the best of it enjoying our last night in Thailand.























Our hotel was right next to a bar called, Why Not Bar. We spent most of our night here listening to the Thai band singing American songs, Will joined in for some impromptu karaoke. It was a solid night; trading my hat for all this was worth it!







The last day was spent on the beach splashing around. Until next time Thailand!

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