Thailand Diaries: Ko Phangan

7 eleven in ThailandMuay Thai BoxingKo Phangan - Jungle PartyFire ShowKo Phangan tree houseTree houseKo PhanganKo Phangan BucketsKo Phangan Full Moon PartyFull Moon PartyFull Moon Party After EffectKo Phangan Full Moon BeachKo Phangan - View from our hotelKo Phangan BeachLast day in ko phanganWe didn’t exactly have the best welcome when we arrived to Ko Phangan – we had trouble finding our hotel since it was off on a mountain, and once we got there the woman who runs it was unaccommodating and rude. We had no idea what to expect but from night one we lowered our expectations 100%. We realized that this island is mainly a party island where people come from around the world to celebrate full moon, half moon, black moon, whatever moon. Meaning the Thai people do not care at all about the well being of these visitors who are only looking to have a good time. Instead they take advantage of everyone, and at certain hostels they even charged people to use their own out-house bathrooms. I never bad-mouth anything but this island left a sour taste in my mouth. But then again we came, we saw, and we conquered…

Hotel: Amaresa Resort – located on the sunset side of the island off in the mountains, the rooms were absolutely appalling. I will say that the view however was gorgeous, but still not worth it.

Days Spent: 4 nights 3 days

Many of my friends advised I stay one night and get out but since we had to book the hotel for 4 nights we ended up staying all 4 nights, which was 4 nights too many! But we made sure to make the best of the 4 nights; 1 of which was the Full Moon Party, which is why we went to Ko Phangan in the first place! I don’t even know where to begin on how crazy, fun, and ridiculous it was to party with 15,000 other people, not only to celebrate the full moon but to also watch Germany win the world cup! It is the best beach party I have ever been to!

Note – all of the photos we took on the island were on the iPhone (I didn’t want my Canon to get damaged or lost) so sorry if the photos are a little blurry

After running into an old friend of ours the first night on the island we quickly became friends with the people she was traveling with. We met many Brits, French, Aussies, and Irish folk and spent the entire night on the beach drinking buckets and watching people jump over a fiery rope. The second night we caught a Thai Boxing match. Although the boxer in the red shorts took a good beating, in the end he knocked out the other boxer in the blue. I’m not the biggest fan of boxing but the way they moved is was like they were dancing; it’s such an art.








We also went to a jungle party, literally in the jungles of the island where there was a DJ hidden in this lit up lion, while tourists were in a boxing match fighting each other, and people performing fire shows. It was pretty epic.






















The next day we need much r&r so we wandered on the sunrise side of the island and stumbled upon the best tree house I have ever seen! It overlooked the water and was full of hammocks and cushions to lie on. The vibe was perfect, with Bob Marley playing in the background it was the best place to lay low and just chill out.




















The walk to our bungalow was pretty sweet!













Time to party – everyone on the island bought these buckets made of Thai Redbull, soda and alcohol













It was hard to get a good photo surrounded by 15,000 travelers dancing all around you!








By total coincidence, the World Cup final was on the same night as the Full Moon party. Naturally the island was prepared with a huge screen and fireworks. It seemed like 80% of the people on the island wanted Germany to win, especially Will so when they beat Argentina…I can’t even begin to describe the energy and excitement in the atmosphere. Chants were being sung, fireworks were going off and I’m pretty sure we could be seen from the moon. What an incredible night!





The aftermath looked like the intro of Boardwalk Empire…









Before and After photo – before the full moon party and after the full moon party around 6am. Notice that the tide at night until early morning recedes so far that the beach doubles in size. That happened at every beach and island we went to.  It’s pretty awesome to watch.











Last sunrise in Ko Phangan – probably the only time this island is ever quiet and peaceful










Will reenacting the scene in Castaway when Tom Hanks loses Wilson…











I was so happy to watch the sunrise knowing it was my last morning at ko phangan. Next stop, Railay Bay











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