Thailand Diaries: Bangkok

Flight to BangkokView from our room in BangkokThailand - Riding in a longtailThailand - Bangkok WatThailand - Bangkok BuddahBangkok Wat ArunClimbing the steps of Wat ArunThailand - Bangkok Wat ViewBangkok Temple BuddhaPraying in a Wat - BangkokReclining BuddhaWat Pho FeetReclining Buddha Bottom of feetThailand - Bangkok Wat PhoBangkok - Koi FishBuddhas everywhere - BangkokThailand - Bangkok KittiesTaking in the views - BangkokThe Marble TempleBankok Wat - Ray of lightEating Padthai in ThailandThailand - Bangkok Black CatThailand - Bankok China TownBangkok Soi CowboyI’M BACK! And still trying to get over the jet lag – traveling 24 hours definitely takes a toll on you. But I’m excited that I can finally share the photos from my adventures throughout Thailand in my mini series: ‘Thailand Diaries’; First stop: Bangkok

Hotel: Airbnb – we had such a wonderful host and the place had a wrap around rooftop pool

Days Spent: 2 nights 1 day

We flew with AirChina, which took 14 hours to get from NYC to Beijing, and another 6 hours to get to Bangkok.  The airline wasn’t particularly comfortable and the food is definitely questionable, but the price was reasonable. We got into Bangkok around midnight and the streets were still alive with tons of people, and vendors playing music, cooking food, and selling beer.  Will and I wanted to take full advantage of the night so with a little Thai Redbull we stayed up late enough to watch Germany beat Brazil in the World Cup.

Many of my friends told me that I only really needed a day in Bangkok and I’m glad I took their advice. To be honest, there was a stench in the air, that even being a frequent rider of the NYC subways, I still couldn’t handle the potent smells. One day was enough to visit the 5 main temples (known as Wats in Thailand), check out China town, and end the day experiencing a ping pong show. Visiting Bangkok was an incredible experience and it’s a city unlike any city I’ve ever traveled to.




To get around we rode tuk tuks, but when we had to travel over water we rode longtails. This was our first ride on one!





















First temple we visited was Wat Arun, also known as the Temple of Dawn. It’s named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. The architecture is unique compared to the other Wats, with stairs that are so steep and high you feel like you’re climbing towards heaven.


























The details that make up this temple are incredible and simply gorgeous!









Climbing the steps was worth catching the views!


























The golden Buddha at Wat Arun was stunning!














Took a break for a little prayer.









Next temple was Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. This golden beauty lays 46 meters long and 15 meters tall. The pictures don’t do it justice but the way the light hits the Buddha’s face was magical.








The best looking feet I have ever seen…













The bottom of the feet are inlaid with mother-of-pearl – how gorgeous is the detail?









If you continue to walk throughout the temple you’ll find these beautiful structures




























Buddhas everywhere!












And you’ll find stray cats all over Thailand – I’m convinced they’re sacred and give good luck









Overlooking my favorite Temple…












Wat Benchamabophit, The Marble Temple. This palace looking marble temple is completely breathtaking.



























I had pad thai in Bangkok, and at every island I visited in Thailand and each time it tasted different. The pad thai made in Thailand compared to pad thai made in the US has this sour, less peanut-y taste to the dish. It’s hard to explain but it was still pretty enjoyable, especially washed down with a Chang.

























China Town reminded me a lot of China Town in NYC, only way more congested and a lot more shops selling the same exact thing – shoes, hats, and random junk.








Now I don’t have any photos of the ‘notorious’ ping pong show, but here’s a photo of Soi Cowboy (what’s known as the red light district). But if you’re as curious about it as I was I suggest you check out the show once you’re there. The whole time I was thinking ‘how many ping pongs can she fit…” or “did she really just shoot a dart out of…” Yea. It was like that. Couldn’t believe what I was watching. Quite the scene and quite a way to end my adventure in Bangkok.

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