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Syracuse Pride


This past weekend my girlfriend and I took a bus down to DC to reunite with our good college friend and to cheer on the Syracuse football team at Maryland. I can probably speak for all Syracuse Alumni when I say there is a HUGE sense of pride we have for our school and its sports teams (especially basketball). We will travel just about anywhere to represent orange and blue. While at the game we actually saw a father who was visiting his daughter, wearing two caps – Maryland Terrapins, to support his daughter, and Syracuse Orange to represent his undeniable loyalty to Cuse. Of course the orange cap was on top ;)

Tailgating was probably my favorite part about going to the football game. Thanks to my friend who had prepared for our tailgate, we were equipped with music, buffalo chicken dip (easily my favorite dip), sandwiches, and of course beer. Also, luckily there were other fans we had befriended that had brought a cornhole set. We all had a blast enjoying each others company and reminiscing the college days. What made the day even better was Syracuse beating Maryland 20-3!

*I was happy to get a picture with Otto even though it came out pretty blurry. Oh well, GO ORANGE! 

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