SucculentsCactiCaring for Succulentsgrowing succulentsSucculent plantTiny SucculentI’ve never been good at taking care of flowers; anytime I would buy a bouquet, the flowers would last for 2 days, tops. Since I don’t exactly have a green thumb, I turned to succulents, which don’t require as much attention as regular plants and flowers. Succulents are plants that need very little water because, like cacti, they are able to store water in their leaves and stems. They come in so many beautiful shapes, sizes and colors, which make them a great addition to any home. 

I bought my first succulent at Skinny Skinny and before I brought it home I made sure to get all of the necessary care tips from the woman who worked there.  

Water – During the winter succulents go into a dormant phase so they only need to be watered once a month. Once the weather starts getting warmer you can water them every 2 – 3 weeks. Too much water will kill them so wait until the soil is completely dry to water them again.

Light – Succulents only need indirect light. So place it on a shelf close to a window but not directly in the sun as then will burn. 

Pot – Succulents should be potted in a pot with a drainage hole in order to get the right drainage. I’m currently using a candle votive (for decoration purposes) however once my succulent starts to grow I will most likely re-pot it.

One day as I was cleaning the apartment I knocked down my very first succulent off the shelf and it was a complete mess – the pot shattered, the stems broke off and the soil spilled everywhere – I was so upset I had “killed” my very first succulent. So I threw it away. TIP – DO NOT THROW AWAY THE STEMS – I found out this tip too late, but if this does happen the stems can be placed in soil and they will begin to grow on their own (see my photo on the right).  If you have any other tips feel free to share!


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