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Roof Bar Berry ParkBerry Park BrooklynWythe hotel view of ManhattanWythe Hotel BrooklynJuliette Williamsburg RooftopView More: Brooklyn RooftopAfter enduring one hell-of-a winter and being cooped up indoors, I’m more than ready to hit my favorite rooftop bars in Williamsburg!

Berry Park – For the past couple of years I’ve celebrated my birthday with two of my close friends (an event known as #SHMECASSIZZCON) by bar hopping the best bars in Williamsburg. Well, last year we started at Berry Park and let’s just say we didn’t do much hopping. We spent all day here, not once looking at the time!  It’s the perfect venue to hang with your friends because of the chill vibe, great beer/ cocktail selection and the gorgeous view of Manhattan.












Wythe Hotel [The Ides Bar] – For a more upscale rooftop option Wythe hotel is the place to be. This rooftop offers more of an intimate and relaxed vibe, with the best view [hands down] of Manhattan’s skyline. It’s definitely a tourist attraction but honestly I don’t mind overhearing the different accents from French to German. My go to drink here is just a simple, yet delicious dirty martini (extra dirty).




















Juliettes – As I mentioned before here, this restaurant is on my top 5 favorite restaurants in Williamsburg! So during the summer I make it a point to come here as often as possible to enjoy brunch on their perfectly decorated rooftop. It’s the perfect date spot or just a place to hang out with friends. In the summer they also have an oyster bar – I don’t think there’s anything more I can ask for from this place!


























Output – I’ve only been here a few times for different DJ sets, and not until the third time was when my friends and I discovered a whole other part of the bar that leads to this huge rooftop space. Not sure if it was only me but I swear finding this ‘hidden’ rooftop was like Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan walking through the wardrobe and finding Narnia. Well, cats out of the bag…I have a feeling this summer this rooftop will be a major hotspot, calling all New Yorkers, Brooklynites and tourists alike.



Photos: Berry Park taken from their website; Manhattan skyline & Wythe photo taken by me; Juliette rooftop taken from their website & front view taken by Love & Light Photographs; Output photo taken from here.

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