Quick Update

I might just have to change my blog name to where in the world is cassie sandiego…

I promise I haven’t forgotten about the blog, but in the last few weeks I’ve traveled through Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Minnesota for work! If you asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be traveling to the Midwest, without hesitation I’d answer, “no chance!” No offense to everyone from those states but I would’ve sworn it was one of those states Obama has yet to visit, and to be honest the only time I ever even thought or heard of Iowa is during an election. Not really at the top of a city girl’s list of places to visit. But I will say, the people are extremely nice and welcoming and driving has never been this fun especially because the roads are so clear and I drive past the most scenic routes. I can see why people love to drive cross country.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update considering I’ve been MIA. Speaking of MIA, I’m about to board a flight to Miami! It’ll be nice to stay in one place for more than one night. It’s been an insane month, but once I get back from Miami I’ll be off on a much deserved vacation to Greece with Will. With all this traveling I keep forgetting my birthday is next week. Can’t wait to be celebrating my birthday abroad!! To follow along my adventures just follow me on Instagram (@cassiecustodio)!

PS – this photo was taken above Nebraska :)




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