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Pumpkin Picking Girl Meets Brooklyn

If picking pumpkins, eating pumpkin flavored everything, and enjoying apple cider donuts makes me basic, then I totes can’t wait to wear my leggings, eat pumpkin froyo on the reg, and bake some pie. Thanks Buzzfeed. But seriously, how can you not be drawn to all the typical fall activities, especially when the weather calls for it!? After all it has been our tradition to go pumpkin picking, stuff our face with freshly baked donuts and get lost in the corn maze.

GMB Corn Maze

Because we could probably get through the Outhouse corn maze with our eyes closed, this year we decided to change it up. We drove a little over an hour outside of the city to Jersey, to Hacklebarney cider mill. I kid you not, after a half hour of being in the maze we were actually lost. We were really good at finding the dead ends, and we were sure that by the time we found our way out the sun would go down. It was a lot of fun, and when we caught up to a family (or maybe they caught up to us), it was practically a race to the exit. We won, but if I had to go back in to get out again it would take me just as long as the first time.Girl Meets Corn MazeCorn MazeApple Picking Girl Meets BrooklynGirl Meets Brooklyn Apple PickingI couldn’t help myself :)Apple PickingWho said you can’t sunbathe while apple picking?GMB Pumpkin PickingGirl Meets Brooklyn Pumpkin PickingPumpkin PickingBringing home Pumpy the 4th! Will strapped this lil guy in and after 5 minutes of driving it was rolling all around the back seat. Needless to say he has time to keep “practicing”.  ;)

Can’t wait to start carving…any ideas?

Photos shot by William Kresch.

Outfit Details:

Sweater: H&M (on sale)

Jeans: vintage (similar here, here and here)

Booties: Anthropologie (similar here and here)

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