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O Christmas Tree

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My boyfriend and I had talked about getting a real tree long before it was even December, especially since it will be our first Christmas living together. Last week while we were scouting the ‘perfect’ tree, we found a beautiful seven foot tree hidden in the back. Thanks to our bargaining skills we talked the guy down to a reasonable price or maybe he was just feeling extra nice (wow didn’t mean to rhyme). On our way home, although I offered to help carry the tree, Will seemed to have it all under control (except for losing a couple of buttons on his coat because they got caught on the net around the tree).  While decorating the tree, we listened to our favorite Christmas songs –mine is and will forever be Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is You” (I will obnoxiously sing along – usually my friends don’t mind). Drank wine and made our own makeshift fire place. Who said you can’t have a ‘working’ fireplace in an apartment!?

DETAILS OF THE TREE: We wanted to stick with a gold, yet rustic theme…

  • Thanks to Buzzfeed I scored this cut-out of Miley Cyrus to create my own wrecking bulb. I just couldn’t resist (there are 2 Mileys on our tree).
  • This year I tapped into my inner Martha Stewart and created my own bows. I couldn’t find any bows in the color I was looking for so I bought the ribbon from Kmart for only $5 and was able to create up to 10 bows. Little did I know creating bows would be so difficult, but after the first couple of tries I managed to get it.
  • I have collected ornaments over the years and last year Nana (Will’s grandma) gifted me with such an adorable little nest: Legend has it that a bird’s nest in your Christmas tree will bring you good health and fortune in the coming year! It holds such a sentimental value, and I hope to collect more ornaments Christmas after Christmas.
  • All of the other ornaments I bought from Kmart and Target
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