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Girl Meets Brooklyn | FlowersGirl Meets Brooklyn Moma PS1La Di Da Dee WilliamsburgGirl Meets Brooklyn | SunflowerGirl Meets Brooklyn | Tipi ProjectI’m not sure if it’s just me but lately I feel like the days have been blending together, making them feel longer. I’ve been appreciating the warm days and the late sunsets, but the chill in the evening air has heightened my anticipation of fall. Every time the season changes it’s like New Years, you’re given another opportunity to complete old goals or to begin new ones. For me, this Fall marks a new chapter in my life as I begin a new job! So being that this is the last week I have to do whatever I want, I’m really going to appreciate the little things. Happy Monday!


I’ve been redecorating our apartment (more to come soon), and I’m finally getting into the habit of buying flowers, and doing my best to keep them alive for more than a day!



Last week my friends and I joined #LoleNY for a free yoga session on pier 25. The view made me feel grateful to be living in this wonderful city! There truly isn’t another city like New York!












This past weekend we finally ventured to Long Island City to check out MoMA PS1











Loving my new body chain from La Di Da Dee – this cute little boutique in Williamsburg

















Stopped to smell the flowers – these sunflowers are the biggest ones I’ve ever seen!












Will and I stumbled on the sweetest Tipi situated in Havemeyer park…I love my neighborhood!




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