I’m Back…

What feels like an eternity…it’s already been a month since I wrote my last post and almost a month since I had ACL reconstruction surgery. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve been feeling like myself the past few weeks. Up until this point I’ve never even broken a bone (knock on wood), so this injury, along with recovery has been the most trying and the most difficult time of my life. It’s not easy for someone like me who is constantly active and loves to be outside, surrounded by people, to be cooped up in my apartment. Not to mention that the weather has been unforgiving, making it difficult to even get to physical therapy.

The biggest obstacle (besides getting around) is staying optimistic. It’s not easy being home alone, only getting off the couch to use the bathroom, which within the first two weeks felt like a child learning how to sit on a toilet without falling in or falling off.  Now I don’t want to rant on how sad I’ve been feeling, because the reality is…shit happens! And luckily I have Will, whom I appreciate as never before as he continues to support me in more ways than I’ve expected or asked. Heck, he deserves a metal for putting up with me during my most vulnerable state. So, moving forward I’m going to do my best to look on the positive side of things and understand that throughout this whole process I know that in the end I’ll be stronger because of it all.

Hope you all have a great week!

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