It’s the little things

After attending the Fun Fearless Life event this past weekend my spirits were extra high this morning. As cheesy as it sounds, I woke up feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take on the world. I can’t wait to share the best of what I learned from celebrities and experts over the weekend, so stay tuned this week!

Even though the leaves are quickly falling from the trees, I’m still holding onto whatever is left of Fall. Last month I went up to Bear Mountain and the scenery blew me away. I just stood there taking it all in, which was quite therapeutic. Looking back at it now, it’s so perfect that it almost seems fake.

bear mountain hike

Walking along the trail we found this massive sized kudu overlooking the Hudson river. The views were gorgeous.


Left to my own devices I would’ve frolicked around for hours, instead I made Will capture me in this picturesque background.

Lincoln Center

The event this past weekend was held at Lincoln Center. I’ve been here so many times when it’s busy with tourists (you can already see a tour group coming in) and New Yorkers, so it was nice to be there really early when it was quiet. Moments like this really remind me why I love this city so much!


One of the highlights of my weekend was meeting one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Arielle of somethingnavy. I love her style and I love that she’s created a unique brand for herself that is recognized throughout the fashion industry. Besides her admirable closet, and I should also mention gorgeous hair, she really is such a sweetheart and truly appreciates the people that support her blog.

Have a great week everyone!

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