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Trapeze Pier 40 NYCReady to trapezeTrapeze Pier 40Trapeze NYC - ready to flyTrapeze NYC - letting goCannon ballRainbowGetting ready to trapezeToo much’s been two weeks and I still feel like I haven’t come down from the adrenaline rush I had after I was on the trapeze. It’s absolutely exhilarating; being able to fly and feel free in the moment! The only thought I had while I was swinging was how fricken cool it is to be able to do this with the Freedom Tower and the sun setting in the background. It was the best birthday present and I’m happy to say I can cross another activity off of my bucket list.

The instructor said that I had this look of determination on my face every time I flew off the board; I guess my attitude and skills from when I did gymnastics as a kid came into play. BUT honestly, anyone can do this if they’re willing to trust the instructor at the school, and to let go of their fears. Trust, and know that the momentum of the swing will allow you to put your legs up more effortlessly than if you were on a playground trying to swing upside down. The key to getting the stunts right is to listen! The instructor tells you when to put your legs up, when to put your hands up, and when to let go. If you do everything he/she says right on cue then it will all be pretty easy! My biggest accomplishment of the lesson was being able to connect with the ‘catcher’;  it took a couple of tries to get it right, but the second the catcher caught me I was overjoyed and knew I had become addicted!













There’s that determined look ;)



















I think I found my new calling…








This was during the back flip stunt









The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect!









Ready for flight!










I might have overdone it on the chalk
















There I go! Where do I sign up for cirque du soliel?


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