Leftover Carrot Pulp Carrot Cake

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Since I last published this post I have been nonstop juicing, however I’ve been feeling this pain of guilt throwing away the excess food, such as the skin and guts. Since they’re still edible and contain nutrition,  I decided with the last juice I made (mainly consisting of carrots) to bake my very first carrot cake from scratch. The recipe was pretty easy to follow and I was so happy with the way it turned out.  And, I don’t feel bad about eating cake considering I recycled the pulp from the juice, AND since it’s made from carrots it’s still pretty healthy, right?

*Note: The ingredients were enough to make 2 small carrot cakes.

*Another side note: Depending on taste make sure to remove the apple skin from the carrot pulp.

*I LOVE the color of the carrot juice, it’s so vibrant! For that juice I used 2 apples, 1 orange and 10 carrots. This type of juice is great for skin complexion and great source of Vitamin A.

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