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Easter in New JerseyEaster DinnerDeviled Eggsmini cupcakesRiding on the TruckPetting the animalsBaby LambSunset in New JerseyThis past weekend actually felt like a long weekend – the days were productive and well spent.  I was busy training, hanging with my mom back home in the Bronx, and traveling to Jersey to celebrate Easter at Will’s aunt and uncle’s house.  It’s nice to feel spoiled with delicious home cooked meals, Easter baskets (that make me feel like a kid again) and spending quality time with the people I love. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has an even better week ahead!


On Easter Sunday we attended mass and visited his poppy’s grave right outside the church.









This delicious hunk of meat was cooked by Will’s uncle. The bone was the best part! After dinner I fell into a serious food coma!








How cute are these deviled eggs created into hatched eggs? Will’s sister always has a creative approach when cooking food for the holidays. Last Christmas she made strawberries into little Santa’s (similar to this).







I love cupcakes but I love them even more when they are bite-sized, this way I can eat more than 1 without feeling guilty!



















Although we could have walked to the farm (it was practically in their backyard), we decided it was a lot more fun to ride on the back of the truck!









The animals were so friendly. I fell in love with the horse and was tempted to take the baby goat home with me. Imagine a goat living in Brooklyn!



































Watching the sunset was the perfect ending to a beautiful weekend!


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