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Let’s face it…all of the partying for the holidays, shopping, and prepping is probably beginning to wear us out. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little r&r during your downtime. Now I don’t mean run to the nearest spa for a facial because I know how expensive that can get; instead try doing it yourself at home. It won’t break your bank and it’ll leave your face feeling rejuvenated and glowing!

step 1 cleanse


Here’s my routine for my at home facial:

1. Cleanse – Remove all makeup – I use coconut oil to remove eye makeup. Wash your face and neck – I have super sensitive skin so I swear by Clinique facial soap.

step 2 exfoliate

2. Exfoliate – it’s important to remove dead skin that you usually can’t only using a face wash. So you can either buy or create your own scrub. I created mine using: 1/2 cup of brown sugar + tablespoon honey + teaspoon of coconut oil. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply a thin layer on your face, then using either your fingers or clarisonic scrub in circular motions focusing on your forehead, nose and chin. Rinse off using a clean washcloth. (photo credit 1 & 2)

step 3 steam

3. Steam – now that your face is clean and fresh, it’s time to open all of those pores. There are several ways to steam your face; I use boiling water moved from the pot to a bowl. Place it on a flat secure surface – place your head over the bowl and cover your face with a towel and let steam for about 10 minutes. (photo credit)

step 4 extract

4. Extract – with your pores open it’s easier to extract any blackheads or further impurities. I use biore nose strips.


5. Mask – follow with a facial mask. The type of mask depends on your skin – use a clay mask if you have oily/ combination skin and a hydrating mask for dry skin. My favorite mask for cleaning impurities is Origin’s charcoal mask.

6. Moisturize – Now that your face is clogged free and fresh it’s important to hydrate the skin. If you have dry skin it’s also good to use oil prior to your moisturizer. At night I use Estee Lauder advanced night repair, followed by Clinique moisturizer.

P.S. For the total experience put on your favorite robe and turn on some relaxing music

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