Girl Meets Brooklyn’s Guide to ATHENS

It’s been almost a year since I was last in Greece and it’s one of those places that I still daydream about. Will and I constantly get asked travel advice and tips on where to go and what to do, so by popular demand I’m bringing you my full guide to Greece. First stop…Athens!

The capital and center city of Greek civilization, surrounded by beautiful architecture and ancient temples. I promise this metropolis is worth spending more than just one day at to explore, shop and get a full taste of Greek city life.

We stayed at an Airbnb about a 15-20 minute walk from Syntagma Square. I swear by Airbnb, so look out for apartments closer to Plaka or Monastiraki square.


Acropolis (see) – Start your day at the top of Athens, the ancient seat of the Gods: The Acropolis. Gorgeous view of Athens, hot as Hades by noon. Hike up early to beat the throngs of tourists.


Monastiraki Square (eat, see) – Work your way back to the heartbeat of Athens, Monastiraki Square where you’ll find some of the best street treats Greece has to offer. A literal pile of fresh picked cherries for 1 euro. Don’t pass it up!

Side Streets Athens, Greece Monastiraki Square

Stathmos Bairaktari (eat) – Wait…we need to talk about the tomatoes. No matter what you think, you haven’t had a Greek salad until you’ve had one in Greece. The tomatoes are savory enough to eat like apples, and the feta will have you salivating until you have your next fix. Let it be known that there is absolutely NO lettuce in a real Greek salad, only the delicious vegetables you actually want to eat and a fist size hunk of feta. Do yourself a favor and order one at every restaurant you go to, including Stathmos Bairaktari!

Stoa of Attalos (see) – Ready for that photo op!? Get the perfect infinity shot of pillars at Stoa of Attalos, an ancient structure built by the King for the Athenians.

Stoa of Attalos Athens,Greece

Ciccus (eat) – You’ve been walking all morning and should treat yourself to glass (or two) of wine with a view of Stoa of Attalos. Head to Ciccus and try to grab a seat on the balcony. Order olives, cheese and a snack to get you ready for some shopping.

Ermou Street (shop) – Stroll down Ermou street, pick up some posh euro style at the chic boutiques! First stop Toi-Moi.

Syntagma Square (see) – Catch the Changing of the Guards at Syntagma Square, Greece’s political center. When I say Guards, picture the most sculpted, olive skinned, chiseled-jawed-Disney-prince-worthy-men in stockings you have ever seen. This usually happens every hour on the hour.

Syntagma Square

Plaka (eat, shop) – Been looking for the perfect, hand sculpted wooden phallus shaped bottle opener? (Guilty! I bought one for my best friend) Look no further, Plaka is your spot for finding the strangest and most wonderful Athenian souvenirs. Everything from Achilles helmets, to knee high gladiator sandals.

National Gardens (see) – Take a break from the sun in the shady National Gardens of Athens. A lush maze full of hidden gems and plenty opportunities for photo ops!

National Gardens Athens


Odeon of Herodes Atticus (see) – When you close your eyes and picture ‘Classic Greek Architecture’ you are picturing the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Built in 161 A.D. for music concerts. Now you can catch an early evening Opera at this picturesque piece of antiquity – make sure to get tickets in advance!

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Monastiraki Square (eat, drink, see) – When the Ouzo is hitting hard and you’re craving that late night snack, stroll back to Monastiraki Square – which transforms into an open air night market full of lights and music for the completely necessary late night street Gyro for under 3 euros.

Dinner in the Sky (see, eat) – By far the most unforgettable experience! Get the best 360 degree view of the sunset, complete with a 5 course meal 50 meters above the ground! Get over your fear of heights and cheers to the high life…OPA!

Dinner in the Sky - Athens

Dinner in the Sky - Greece

360 Bar (drink) – Reminisce over the fun day you’ve had, with a cocktail at 360 rooftop bar.  You’ll also get the perfect view of the Acropolis lit up at night.

360 Bar Rooftop View

Drunk Sinatra (drink) – A must see 60s throwback bar; toss back a couple of martinis in the shadow of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Drunk Sinatra

Gin Joint (drink) – Elevating the concept of a cocktail, this takes booze very seriously. For the bartenders at Gin joint, libations are an art form.

After a couple of days in Athens take an early morning ferry to a popular island, Mykonos!

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