Greece Diaries: MILOS

Sarakiniko Milos

Welcome to Milos, an Island that exemplifies true paradise; and is by far my favorite island of Greece. Milos is surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters, made up of ancient caves, and hills so steep that anywhere you are on the roads you can spot the edge of the island. It’s mysterious in that it’s less inhabited than the more popular islands like Mykonos or Santorini, which is why I love it so much.

Sarakiniko Beach

The first day we rented an ATV and road out to Sarakiniko beach. The pictures don’t do it any justice but the rock formations and white colors make you feel like you’re walking on the moon.

Sarakiniko Beach Milos

This place really blew me away, it’s really like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Will was actually the one who suggested visiting Milos because of this beach.

Walking on the moon

My head was in the clouds and I loved every minute of it. Milos is a true treasure and it means so much more to me now because…

Will popped the question on the highest peak overlooking the water and I was completely blown away <3

The proposal

I love reliving the proposal through these photos! And I really can’t express how special this moment was and how much it meant to me that it happened at the perfect time and perfect place. I’m so in love and am so happy he made it official :)

Girl Meets Brooklyn Engaged

I was cheesing ear to ear the entire day…well more like the entire trip. I love this man of mine so much.

on top of the world

And just like that I became a fiance! There’s the spot he proposed…and then jumped off into the water later.

Engagement Ring

Loving this view!

I said yes

He finally put a ring on it…and I said #YASSSSSS!

Utopia Milos Greece

That night he surprised me with champagne and dinner and the perfect view of the sunset. So happy :)

Sailing around Milos

Just when I thought Milos couldn’t get any better, we went on the most amazing boating excursion on the Oneiro. The captain made us feel like family and spoiled us with delicious food, drinks and hilarious jokes.

Oneiro Boat

Greek Salad Milos

I could possibly eat Greek salad every day and never get sick of it.

Milos Sailing

My fiance! (it’s taken some time to get used to calling him that now!)

onboard oneiro boat

We had the best crew aboard and shared so many fun moment with this family from Sweden. We sat around to try new food, toast and share stories.

Swimming Milos Greece

My only regret was not bringing an underwater camera. But look how gorgeous these waters are!

oneiro sailing in milos

A day for the books!

Tsigrado beach exploring


We couldn’t leave without checking out Tsigrado beach so the next morning we woke up early enough to get there by sunrise.

i love milos

We had the whole beach to ourselves, which made us feel like we were the only two on the entire island.


Engaged in Greece


Follow me always <3

tsigrado beach


Exploring this cove down below.

biking in milos


He had more fun riding that ATV than I did (well, it wasn’t so bad)


sunrise in milos


I love Milos and it will always hold a special place in my heart.



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