Girl Meets Brooklyn’s Guide To Milos

The first question that comes up when anyone travels to Greece is, “Which islands should I visit?” The obvious answers, of course, are Mykonos and Santorini…but there are so many other beautiful islands waiting to be explored. Milos is a favorite of mine, with its diverse coastline, unique rock formations, and exotic beaches; it’s an island for the adventurer and the romantic!


By ATV, Artemis hotel is just a 20 minute drive away from the port.  I love Greek architecture and interior design, so the white clay walls and bed frame in our condo made me want to unpack my bags and move in. Artemis also provided complimentary breakfast, with a view of the sea. For the couple of nights that we stayed in Milos, Artemis was the perfect Greece abode!

Artemis Room Milos GreeceArtemis Hotel Milos Greece


BEACHES – The beaches in Milos are like none I’ve ever seen before, make sure to go to as many as you can by ATV or boat! Here’s a list of some below:Riding an ATV Milos

Sarakiniko (swim, hike) – If you’re the type of person that would love to go to the moon but don’t have patience to become an astronaut, then Sarakiniko is the beach for you. This beach was formed by volcanic rocks which gives it that moon-like feel. A broken rock is even used as chalk to write on the ground or the walls.Sarakiniko HikeSarakiniko Beach Milos GreeceSarakiniko (2)Sarakiniko Beach Milos

Tsigrado (climb, swim) – time to channel your inner Indiana Jones. This hidden beach is really quite hidden…but when you find it, you’ll see why it was worth the effort. Jump on an ATV, ask the locals or follow the goats, to find the edge of the cliff, and climb down the ancient ladder. Best enjoyed at sunrise when you can get the whole beach to yourself!

Tsigrado Beach Milos GreeceTsigrado climbLadder to Tsigrado beach (2)i love milos

Kleftiko (can only be reached by boat…see below)

Kleftiko Milos

Milos Boat Trip

Oniero (boat tour day trip) – Oniero means dream, and oh what a dream it was! This is the best boating experience you’ll have in all of Greece with captain Elias. He will take you to the best beaches and spots in Milos. You’ll stop for snorkeling in Kleftiko, which feels more like flying since the waters are crystal clear. The co-captain/ chef of the Oniero has a constant supply of Ouzo and wine, and prepares grilled octopus right on the boat. Swim through crevices and climb up a hundred foot cliff-side to free jump into the endless abyss known as the “Hole in the Sea”.  It’s also the only way to get to the unreal Sunshine Cave that looks like something the set designers of Hook dreamed up. And when the ouzo has you feeling nice, captain Elias will let you drive the boat (under supervision of course). How can you not trust a Greek tanned man in an itsy bitsy speedo with a sense of humor, there is no better guide!Oniero Captain

Oniero Boat Tour Greece

Kleftiko Milos GreeceThis look says, “I’m up to no good” But seriously not sure who trusted me to drive this boat…well, HEY we all made it back alive :)Driving the Oniero

Barriello (eat, drink) – hide out from the sun at Barriello. Enjoy their delicious food and Alpha beer with gorgeous views of the island. Also a great spot for dinner!

Plaka (walk around, shop) – it’s the island’s capital where you can walk around to eat, shop and admire the Greek architecture. It’s also great at night to catch the sunset and enjoy live music in different bars or restaurants.

Catacombs of Milos (see) – check out this spooky and ancient crypt set against a stunning cliff side with views of the sapphire sea.

Catacombs of Milos


Utopia Cafe (sunset view, drink) – located in Plaka, this small cafe offers the best seats to catch the sunset! Come early to beat the crowds.

Utopia CafeAfter our engagement dinner, Will and I came here to have a little bubbly, with a side of the perfect blood orange sunset…I told you this place was for romantics :)Utopia Cafe Milos

Sunset in Milos

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