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Decorating our apartment never seemed like a difficult task since we both agreed upon the same décor. I’ll admit that there are definitely some items in the apartment that are more feminine or masculine than we would like but it seemed to have worked out.  The only decorating issue we came across was deciding what to hang on the wall of our living room. There are so many inventive ways to hang frames and display art that it can all be pretty overwhelming. I decided the best way to showcase our favorite photos and my boyfriend’s artwork was to create a gallery wall.

Instead of tracing the art on construction paper like so, we took a bit of a shortcut…

  1. Measure the dimensions of the wall  (length and height)
  2. Lay out the photos on the floor taking into account the measurements in step 1
  3. Mix and match frames to see what works best to your style
  4. Take a photo of the layout (I used my iPhone)
  5. Start with the middle frame and measure the middle point on your wall
  6. Work your way around that frame based on the photo you took. I made sure to measure at least 1.5 inches between frames so that they weren’t cluttered. Remember a gallery wall doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m sure I’ll be adding more frames since our ceilings are so high.
  7. Relax and enjoy your work of art

*don’t mind the fake spider web on my lamp – I took this photo around Halloween ;)

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    Reply Kristi Murphy March 10, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    OMG! Love this gallery wall … I especially love your artwork!

    • Cassie
      Reply Cassie March 10, 2014 at 3:41 pm

      Thank you Kristi for checking out my page!

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