Favorite BK Spots: The Marcy Stop

the marcy stop girl_meets_brooklyn_marcy_stop_fashionthemarcystop-girlmeetsbrooklyn-bkTMS5TMS6themarcystop-girlmeetsbrooklyn-fashionI follow a lot of different blogs for inspiration – lifestyle, fashion, diy – so when I stumbled upon the fashion blog, The Marcy Stop, I immediately became a fan of Lauren’s style and fashion diaries. Her outfits look effortless, especially among those you’ll find on Bedford that just come across as ‘trying too hard’. I love that she can mix a beanie, leather jacket and a maxi dress to make the outfit look so Brooklyn chic! And how gorgeous does she look in all of the photos on her blog; which most are shot by her handsome boyfriend!?  I’m so excited that Lauren was willing to share her favorite Brooklyn spots…

What part of Brooklyn do you live in? I live in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just off of The Marcy Stop (hence the name of my blog!)

How long have you been living in BK? I’ve been living in this neighborhood for about three years now. Wow, does time fly.

Where did you originally grow up? What is your main reason for moving to BK? I grew up in Los Angeles, California, and wound up moving to New York to attend college at NYU. Living on campus gave me the opportunity to explore so many different neighborhoods, and upon graduating I settled in the East Village for a few years. My quest for a quieter neighborhood and a larger living space was what finally led me to Brooklyn.

What do you do? What project are you working on? I’m currently a design director for HOWL Group, a small Brooklyn-based creative agency. And on the side I run my own fashion blog The Marcy Stop.  I’m constantly shooting and searching for new content for the blog, but I’m really excited at the moment about an upcoming Spring feature I’m working on with Refinery29 and Toni&Guy.

What are your top 5 Favorite spots in BK? Wow, tough question.

As far as restaurants and bars go, I love:

  • Bia: I’m half Vietnamese so I’m always looking for a pho fix.
  • Paulie Gees: You haven’t tasted pica til you’ve had one of Paulie’s, dipped in their signature spicy honey.
  • Maison Premiere: $1 oysters during Happy Hour, with one of the largest selections you’ve ever seen.
  • Skinny Dennis: they serve 20oz beers out of mason jars and I love the bar’s live music and Southern vibe.
  • St. Anselm: the best steak EVER. But dinner tends to get super crowded so I usually go during brunch, which is still epic.

For shopping, these are my top picks:

  • Old Hollywood: love their selection of local designers’ jewelry and their curated collection of clothes.
  • Buffalo Exchange: I’m all about thrift store shopping, so I’ll pop in here every once in awhile to empty out my closet and find new goodies.
  • Gourmet Garage: This place is stocked with great gift ideas and delicious artisanal products (from beer to olive oil). It helps that it’s across the street from my office too.
  • La Di Da Dee: I love their on-trend clothes and head here when I’m looking for fun accessories or standout wardrobe items.
  • Whisk: I love cooking, and this place is a chef’s dream. It’s also an awesome spot to get gifts for foodies and friends.

And if you are looking for some fashion inspiration or just want to follow another awesome fashion blog then head over to The Marcy Stop!

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