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Favorite BK Spots: Apneet Kaur


It’s amazing how relationships are formed and started in the blogger-sphere. While I’m still new to blogging and shall I say ‘Tweeting’, I recently came across Apneet’s style blog, Fabric Snob via twitter. I have to admit I owe joining twitter thanks to my mom who continually told me how informative it is and how many people I could meet. Anyway, although Apneet and I have yet to meet in person I learned that she loves pickle-back shots – which I’ll one day have to take her up on – and she has such an eclectic style that exudes BADASS.

What part of Brooklyn do you live in? Out here living it up in Bushwick!

How long have you been living in BK? Three good years.

Where did you originally grow up? Why did you decide to move to BK? I was raised in the Bay Area, out on the fairer coast in California. I moved to Manhattan five years ago to study music. From there, I moved to Brooklyn after living in uptown Manhattan and realizing I was living life totally downtown and in Brooklyn.

What do you do? What project are you working on? I’m a student and freelance journalist. Currently I’m working with Refinery 29, and am in the process of producing my very own print publication, launching Spring ’14.

What are your top 5 Favorite BK Spots?

1. The Loom – Shopping and leisure hub of Morgantown; it is home to one of my favorite coffee shops, KaveSilky’s skateboard shop is also situated here, along with some other great shops.

2. Pine Box Rock Shop – I like to go here when I want a good pickle back. Best thing is that my pup can hang too!

3. Worship Vintage– Literally steps from my apartment, this place has some kick-ass vintage at amazing price points.

4. Santos Anne– French/Mexican fusion restaurant with seriously delicious food and dare I say even better cocktails.

5. Turkey’s Nest– my favorite dirty dive bar complete with old biker dudes and a pool table.

For more of Apneet’s favorite Brooklyn spots, you can read her articles on Refinery 29: ” 3 Bushwick Haunts,” and ” My City My Style

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