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Girl Meets Brooklyn | floral crown DIYDIY Floral CrownAlthough festival season is over, artists and celebrities like, Lana Del Rey are still embracing the bohemian inspired accessory as a fashion statement. Floral headpieces can still be worn outside of festivals, if styled correctly. To avoid looking like a flower girl at a wedding, simply wear something a bit more sophisticated, or fully embrace the ‘flower power’, like my cousin, Kelly (pictured right) has, wearing a floral romper. Confidence is key; by wearing a flower crown you’re bound to catch everyone’s attention, but as long as you are comfortable and confident then go on and channel your inner goddess!

I’m excited to feature my cousin, Kelly on the blog today. I bought my flower headpiece at the Renaissance fair, but she has all the tips on how to create your own flower crown…

You Need: Fake Flowers (bouquets or singles) / Thick floral wire / Green garden tape / Hot glue gun / Pliers (long nose) / Scissors


  1. Fit floral wire around the width of your head to measure the size
  2. Using the pliers cut 3 strands of the floral wire the same length. Braid 3 strands together of that length, and fasten the ends with the pliers.
  3. Wrap the crown with green garden tape until the floral wire can’t be seen (this will avoid getting poked in the head with any loose wire).
  4. Clip the flowers from the stem and cut them down enough so that the bottoms are as flat as possible.
  5. Arrange the flowers in your desired pattern.
  6. Using the glue gun, dab a dot of glue on the bottom of the flowers and press it on the crown.

Voila…that’s it! I love the way she arranged her flower crown, and how beautiful does she look with it on! Thanks Kelly for the tips!


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