Les Crepes

The first time I ever tried a crepe oddly enough, wasn’t when I was in France, but was when I was in a hostel called the Rising Cock Hostel in Lagos, Portugal. Before your mind goes running, the hostel’s logo is a huge Rooster. Back when I was in Lagos in 2008, it was probably only run by 4 people – someone designated to do the booking/ reservations, another to make sure everyone felt at home, the third person cleaned the rooms, and last but not least the ‘mom’ of the hostel was designated to make us delicious sandwiches and crepes in the morning. While staying at this hostel was a wild and fun time, the memories I remember best (besides the private beaches and parties) was waking up every morning to the smell of these delicious home-made crepes. I’d fill them with bananas, drizzle them with Nutella, and it would fill my belly and my heart’s content.

Crepe Ingredients

Looking back on it now, and having eaten crepes at many other restaurants, none ever compare to those made at the rising cock hostel. It could be because of the love poured into making them, or because it was my first time trying them…nonetheless I’ve come to the conclusion that crepes are underrated.  I decided to recreate them at home, and found that they are super easy to make! Follow this recipe and choose whatever you want to put in them…of course I stuffed them with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries, topped with powdered sugar. But you can really put anything in them, there’s no limit. And if you’d prefer not cook them at home, check out this French restaurant in Williamsburg.

Crepe Recipe 2Crepes recipeHomemade CrepesStrawberry Banana CrepeStrawberry Crepe

Bon appetit!

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