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Welcome to Coney IslandNathansConey Island Ride 2The Wonder WheelCyclone RideRoller Coaster TicketCyclone RollercoasterConey Island CycloneCyclone Roller Coaster PhotoThe crew at Coney IslandConey Island RideI hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Luckily the weather turned out to be better than expected, so even though I stayed local I managed to stay outdoors for most of my weekend. On Sunday I recruited a bunch of my friends (at least the ones who were still in the city) to head out to Coney Island. From Williamsburg it only took us an hour by train to get there! We spent most of the day walking down the boardwalk, people watching, playing carnival games and going on rides. And you can’t go to Coney Island without eating Nathan’s Famous hotdogs…with cheese fries, of course! This time around we didn’t take advantage of the beach but I’m sure I’ll head back out there again for a little beach volleyball.













The best hot dog!


























So happy to have spent quality time with these girls : )










Ok…although I’ve called this roller coaster a ‘death trap’…something out of final destination, I might have exaggerated a little. I’ll say this – it IS safe, BUT its very rickety, AND once you think it’s over, its not. I love going on rides so I wasn’t scared but in the photo below you can spot my friend who was completely terrified. If you’re a brave soul, riding the Cyclone is another MUST if you go to Coney Island.

























































The crew : )













We ended the day going on this ride…we were dropped from 200 feet. We had to wait a while to get on but it was well worth the wait!


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