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    Ruffle My Sweater

    I find that it’s so hard to look cute, or rather ‘put together’ during the winter months when I typically have to hide behind layers, big scarves, and bulky coats. And, since I’d rather not freeze…

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    Out with 2016 and my woes

    Looking back on 2016 with relief that it’s coming to an end. It was an interesting year, had its ups and downs, and wasn’t particularly my best year, but these tough times is…

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    Style Identity Crisis

    Lately my style has been just as confusing as this weather…Have you ever felt lost when it comes to your style? Have you looked in your closet and instead of ‘spring cleaning’ you…

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    Rain Rain Go Away

    Have you ever felt at a loss for words? I’ve certainly felt like that for a little while now, especially when it comes to the blog. And it’s not to say that…

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    Party in the back

    It’s already been 3 years since I moved to Williamsburg and I’m still amazed at how I can still be surprised by what I may run into on every corner, whether it…

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    Blanket Scarf

    An over size blanket scarf is not only the perfect accessory for keeping you warm in the winter, but is perfect for changing up your outerwear. The chunkier the better! Wear it with a belt, over…