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    I See you Fall

    If picking pumpkins, eating pumpkin flavored everything, and enjoying apple cider donuts makes me basic, then I totes can’t wait to wear my leggings, eat pumpkin froyo on the reg, and bake some pie.…

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    Happy Halloween!

    Halloween most definitely makes the top 3 on my favorite holiday list (Christmas is first and Halloween comes close to second behind Thanksgiving). Every year my friends and I go all out – last…

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    Oktoberfest, a traditonal celebration that is annually hosted in Germany…but lucky for us Sylvester, owner of Zum Schneiders, is giving us a little taste of Munich right here in Manhattan. It’s authenticity makes us truly…

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    It’s the little things

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but lately I feel like the days have been blending together, making them feel longer. I’ve been appreciating the warm days and the late sunsets, but…

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    Nature Calls

    As the summer is winding down, the city is becoming increasingly deserted due to people trying to soak up whatever is left of the summer sun elsewhere. I don’t blame them, it’s nice…

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    Let it go

    It’s been two weeks and I still feel like I haven’t come down from the adrenaline rush I had after I was on the trapeze. It’s absolutely exhilarating; being able to fly and…