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Brooklyn Bowl

IMG_1767IMG_1781collage 3collage 2IMG_1838IMG_1853I have been to Brooklyn bowl several times to catch live music performances, however this past weekend was the first time I went to Brooklyn bowl and actually bowled. I had gathered our closest friends to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. It was an absolute blast! And who knew everyone was so good at bowling?? Okay, I bowled several gutter balls but I also managed to bowl two strikes. It was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday; also given we had the whole place practically to ourselves since we got there right when it opened (noon).

Now having been there many times I can give you three good GREAT reasons you should check it out:

  1. THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN BROOKLYN – yes, this is a bold statement however I can attest that their fried chicken is unbeatable. So crispy and tasty, and served with honey. The best part is that you don’t feel gross having eaten fried chicken because it’s not greasy.
  2. NIGHTLIFE – as I mentioned before I only used to go to BK bowl to catch up and coming bands like Capital Cities, Flight Facilities and Body Language. I’ve also seen RAC twice. Needless to say this place is a great venue for live music! It’s big enough to invite a ton of friends and dance the night away.
  3. BOWLING – there are 16 lanes available all on the same floor as the stage where artists perform. Not only can you jam out to the music but you can also drink and bowl. Their brunch menu has such a great selection that will keep you bowling for hours!


*check out everyone’s stances; I’m the one in green with blue jeans – I think my stance looks better than my actual stroke. After we left BK Bowl, we ventured around Brooklyn and stumbled upon this awesome graffiti of oversized ice cream cones ‘monsters’. I couldn’t resist taking a photo in front of it!

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