7 Travel Rules To Live By

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While browsing Huffington Post yesterday, I found an article titled, 7 Travel Rules to Live By.  This article couldn’t have come at a better time considering that I am traveling to Costa Rica today! I figured I’d share my 7 Travel Rules that I live by…

  1. Live in the moment – We are so consumed by social media that we forget to live in the present time. On vacation do your best to leave your phone in your bag and really take a look at the world around you
  2. Leave everything behind – Vacation is a time to forget about what’s happening back home. You’ve dreamt of this vacation for so long so why worry about unanswered emails from work?
  3. Let go of all your fears – Sometimes the best memories are made by not letting your fears hold you back. So next time you think twice about doing something, just go with it!
  4. Learn something new – Every time I travel to a new city or country I always make it a point to learn something new, whether it’s the city’s history or its typical dish
  5. Meet people – Engaging in conversation with natives can be insightful, and can also be very helpful
  6. Watch the sun set – I find that watching the sun set across the horizon can be very cathartic. And honestly, who doesn’t love sunsets?
  7. Be safe & have FUN – Always be aware of your surroundings; make sure to stick with a friend. But most importantly have fun and try not to take yourself too seriously!
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