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2015: Stop, Start, Continue

2014 was an incredible year – there were more highs than lows and I pushed myself to new limits that I never have before. I trusted my instincts and took risks, I traveled across the world to Thailand, I started a new job at my favorite network (HBO), I ran my first half marathon, I completed the ‘catch’ in trapeze school, I continued to build on my blog and more.

apres ski 2

2015 hasn’t started off as exactly as I hoped; unfortunately I tore my ACL in a skiing accident. Obviously this isn’t the way anyone wants to start the year but I’m doing my best to remain positive and hope that the rest of 2015 will only get better.

apres ski vermont

Instead of making resolutions, I used the Stop, Start, Continue activity…it’s easy and helps you recognize the things you want to improve on. So for now here’s a start:

In 2015 I want to


Judging myself so harshly

Assuming people know what I want or what I’m thinking

Comparing my successes to others

Feeling guilty if I say “No”

Pressing snooze 346436 times

Over-thinking or nitpicking the little things

Turning the little things into BIG things

Trying to please everyone


Giving the benefit of the doubt

Doing something nice for myself everyday

Doing something nice for someone else everyday

Taking initiative (at my job, in my life, and my relationships)

Holding myself accountable

Waking up early

Keeping to a workout routine

Making time for myself

Reading more

Getting clear on my goals and start small (like writing 3 times a week for the blog)


Being positive

Trusting my instincts

Working hard

Pushing myself to new limits

Taking risks

Building on the blog


Having fun

Doing things I’ve never done before

Appreciating what I have in my life

Learning more (about myself, at my job, and just in general)


What will you stop, start and continue in the New Year!

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