2014 Goal

IMG_3911IMG_3916IMG_3917It’s probably premature to start thinking about my 2014 goals, but after watching my friends run the NYC Marathon this past weekend, has inspired me to run a half marathon (I would be kidding myself if I said I will run a marathon…baby steps first).

I ran several 5Ks in the past and I used to run track in high school, but now, if and when I do run I never go past 3-4 miles. I either get bored or just too exhausted to keep going. This shouldn’t be an excuse. I realized after watching 56,000 people – young, old, with disabilities – run 26.2 miles, anything is possible. It just takes dedication and perseverance. It will be a challenge but with my friend’s guidance I know I will be able to accomplish it! Have you started setting 2014 goals yet?

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