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Cassie Custodio

  • Girl Meets Brooklyn - Oversized scarf

    Blanket Scarf

    An over size blanket scarf is not only the perfect accessory for keeping you warm in the winter, but is perfect for changing up your outerwear. The chunkier the better! Wear it with a belt, over…

  • Girl Meets Brooklyn - Williamsburg

    Layer Up

    For those summer pieces that sit in your closet during the winter just waiting to be worn…wait no more. The simple answer to wearing your summer clothes in the ‘off months’ is…

  • Girl Meets Brooklyn - Zara Coat

    Walk This Way

    2015 was a life altering year…it was unpredictable, rewarding and full of love! What started off on a bad note having had a major knee injury, which lead me to get surgery, quickly…

  • missrosieo_1

    Fashion Rules

      Hi! I’m Alexa from the blog Miss Rosie O. I’ve known Cassie for about 5 years (yes, we were sorority sisters) and it’s been amazing to watch her style evolution on Girl…

  • Aldo boots

    Denim in December

     With the Fall-like weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve been able to leave my apartment with only a jean jacket! Although I love that it has been warm out, I can’t help but feel like Christmas…